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What is the correct way to apply body lotion

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What is the correct way to apply body lotion


With the progress of the times, more and more people know the importance of skin care, not only girls are insisting on skin care, but many boys have also started their own skin care journey. Body lotion is also a member of skin care products. Maybe many boys don’t use body lotion when skin care, but most girls still use it often. Now let's talk about the normal way to apply body lotion.


Why do we apply body lotion?


Skin care is a matter of applying various skin care products to the face in many people's minds, but in fact, we need to protect not only the facial skin, but also the skin of every part of the body. Body lotion is a skin care product that protects the body. It is very important to apply body lotion if you want to slow down the aging speed of the body's skin.


Not only that, applying body lotion in winter can also prevent dry and cracked skin, and there is also a refreshing body lotion in summer to prevent the skin from being corroded by sweat. Because human sweat is also corrosive to a certain extent, if you sweat and don't dry it in time, it may cause the skin to corrode. Although slight corrosion cannot be observed with the naked eye, the touch of damaged skin and intact skin will still be different. Every girl wants to have fine skin and tender meat, and body lotion is an essential skin care product for girls.


The misunderstanding of applying body lotion


1. Apply only locally


When many girls apply body lotion, there is a misunderstanding, that is, only the part is applied. Because many girls think that not every skin needs to be protected by body lotion, such as those skin that have been covered by clothing for a long time, they do not need protection at all. Anyway, clothing protection is enough. In fact, the role of body lotion is to help the skin hydrate and lock in water. Every skin in our body needs sufficient moisture, so it is wrong to do so.


2. Apply before bed


Applying body lotion before going to bed should be a mistake that most girls make. Many girls think that applying body lotion before going to bed can make the skin absorb well, but this is not the case. ATpplying body lotion before going to bed is very likely to cause the body lotion to go to bed before it is completely dry. At this time, the body lotion will be rubbed off by items such as sheets and quilts, and the effect of the body lotion will also be reduced.


The correct way to apply body lotion


1. Apply all over the body


When we apply body lotion, we should apply it all over the body, but only one part will cause problems. Girls who apply only local for a long time may have uneven skin tone and large differences in skin texture, so when we apply body lotion, we should apply it all over the body and do not fall on every part.


2. Apply after bathing


When we apply body lotion, we should ensure that the skin is clean and free of dirt, so the best time to apply body lotion should be after bathing, so that the skin can absorb clean body lotion. And after applying the body lotion, you need to wait for the water on the surface of the body lotion to dry before going to bed to avoid the body lotion being rubbed off by the bedding.


3. Appropriate massage is required when applying


We all know that the skin absorbs skin care products, so it is best to give the body a proper massage when applying body lotion. After massaging, the blood circulation of the body will be accelerated, so that the absorption of body lotion will be much faster. Many girls ignore this step, so the applied body lotion is not fully absorbed, and the effect is naturally not so good.




Body lotion is a must-have skin care product for every girl. We need to use body lotion in the correct way so that the skin can fully absorb its nutrients. When applying body lotion, you should massage properly so that the skin can fully absorb the body lotion. Therefore, massage is an important step when applying body lotion. Girls, remember not to forget to massage properly when applying body lotion.


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