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What are the tips for choosing perfume?

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What are the tips for choosing perfume?


Perfume is a product prepared by dissolving spices in ethanol, and sometimes additives such as trace pigments, antioxidants, fungicides, glycerol, and surfactants are added as needed. It has a fragrant and rich aroma, and its main function is to spray on the front of clothes, handkerchiefs and hairline to emit a pleasant aroma. It is one of the important cosmetics.


When testing the fragrance, it is best to spray the fragrance on the wrist or on the test paper, and wait for the fragrance to dry before smelling. Generally speaking, it takes about three minutes from opening the bottle to testing the fragrance. A good-quality perfume has a three-stage fragrance, which is composed of front (top note), middle (middle), and back (back) notes. rhythm.


Top note (top note): After the perfume is sprayed on the skin for about ten minutes, a covered fragrance will be produced, and initially there will be a feeling that the fragrance and the highly volatile alcohol are slightly mixed.


Middle taste (middle note): The fragrance that comes about ten minutes after the first taste, the alcohol smell disappears, and the fragrance at this time is the original taste of the perfume.


Aftertaste (aftertaste): The fragrance that will be present about 30 minutes after the perfume is sprayed, and it is the fragrance that expresses the best personality. The fragrance blends with the combined flavors of individual skin and body odors. In addition, when testing the perfume, you can also spray the perfume into the air, and then touch the smell with your hand to the nose to smell. At this time, the middle and aftertastes are directly presented, which is the main note of the perfume.


In addition, it is best not to try the fragrance when you are hungry, which will make the fragrance feel disgusting; in addition, you should try the second fragrance after you know the first fragrance, and don't smell it between the two.





Perfume Notes


1. Do not sprinkle perfume on exposed parts that are easily exposed to the sun;


2. The perfume should not be rubbed directly on the face and allergic skin;


Since the perfume contains a large amount of alcohol and is highly irritating, it is not advisable to rub it directly on the face, sensitive skin and baby skin;


3. The perfume should not be too strong or sprinkled too much, otherwise it will be counterproductive;


4. Perfume should not be applied to sweat-prone parts such as the forehead, underarms and shoes.


Because there is a lot of sweat in these parts, it is easy to dilute the perfume, and the mixture of sweat and fragrance will produce a strange smell;


5. Perfume should not be sprayed on fur, gold and pearls and other clothing, because perfume will make them lose their natural luster.


6. It is not advisable to mix two different fragrances together. The mixed fragrance will make each original fragrance lose its pure flavor, and it is likely to smell extremely uncomfortable.


How Perfume Is Stored


Using up as soon as possible is the most basic method, but generally good perfumes can still have a lifespan of several years if they are stored well. Here are some things to pay attention to when storing perfumes:


1. Perfume should be stored in a cool place and avoid hot air and light. If the perfume is placed in a high temperature, it will change the color and fragrance of the perfume. If you want to store the perfume for a long time, you can wrap the perfume with outer paper. , placed in the refrigerator freezer.


2. Try to avoid friction and shaking the perfume bottle.


3. Do not directly touch the mouth of the bottle with dirty fingers, which may destroy the original flavor of the perfume.


4. After the perfume is used, the bottle cap must be tightened to avoid the fragrance of the perfume volatilizing.


5. It can be stored upside down to prevent air from entering the bottle through the mouth of the bottle.


Perfume can usually be stored for about a year and can be stored at room temperature. If you find that the fragrance has faded, or if it has a sour taste, it should be discarded.


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