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The selection and use of children's shower gel

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The selection and use of children's shower gel

How to choose the best quality bath products


1. Look at the ingredients: choose bath products that do not contain "phthalates". Phthalates are benzene substances that are widely used in bath products. They are toxic and harmful to children.


2. Look at the thinness and thickness of the liquid: Children's bath lotion and shampoo are also relatively thin. This is due to the nature of the ingredients of children's toiletries, and it is impossible for any manufacturer to make it very thick. If your child's toiletries are thick, it's definitely not a good product.


3. Look at the amount of foam: Although children's toiletries are thin, they have a certain viscosity and there is not much foam. Because the more foam, the more irritating the product is.


4. Look at the hand feeling after washing: After washing, it feels slippery, as if it has not been washed (in fact, it has been washed).


Baby Bath Tips


In fact, many baby bath products are not labeled as containing phthalates.


So when bathing your baby, you must master the "four no principles": don't take a bath too often, the water temperature should not be too high, the bath liquid should not be too much, and the bath time should not be too long. To reduce exposure to harmful substances and protect skin health.


The amount of bath products should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. It should be less but not more, and it should not be directly applied to the baby's body or a small towel. The correct method is to directly drop it into the prepared water and dilute it before use.


Excessive cleaning and excessive use of shower products can easily make babies sick, such as eczema and asthma, and also damage the skin's barrier function and reduce the body's resistance


Before the baby is one year old, try to use water for bathing. Babies under one year old have a sebum film that protects the skin. It is recommended that parents only use water to wash the baby.


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