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The best body wash manufacturer in the world

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The best body wash manufacturer in the world




JINGHUI is located in Yiwu,with an area of 70,000 square meters.We are professional OEM&ODM manufacture,supply & stickiest of items like INSTANT HAND SANITIZER, ALCOHOL DISINFECTANT, PERFUME,BODY WASH,FRAGRANCE/BODY MIST, LOTION,AFTER SHAVE,KIDS FRAGRANCE, and etc. It is serving in this industry since a decade.


My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd


Jakob Mohr the owner and founder of My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd and it’s showcase Kirra Pty Ltd, has been successfully operating since 2009, providing manufacturing services for famous high-end brands and small start up companies.


We have a love for people and maintain a warm and positive atmosphere in our family-owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on maintaining a pleasant and positive workplace where business ethics is well understood and honoured.


We strictly only manufacture in Australia under GMP regulations, one of the most unpolluted continents in the world. Under strict quality regulations, we provide high quality pure natural skincare that does not contain any harmful synthetic or chemical components and preservatives.


Bo International


We rank among the biggest producers of natural ingredients-based cosmetic and personal care products. Our Contract manufacturing services covering wide range of cosmetics such as skin care, hair care, personal care, baby care, bath and shower care, and all cosmetic products. Since our incorporation in 2013, Bo International has offered a wide assortment of Floral Absolute Oils, Essential Oils, and Fragrance Oils. These ingredients are known for their trademark purity and premium quality which are directly sourced from farms. Products that we offer are known for their precise composition, purity, and longer shelf life.


Our presence in the global market is growing and we take pride in serving our major clients.


Alfa Chemistry


Alfa Chemistry is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative cosmetics, which are made of natural, green and healthy ingredients. We provide full services for skin and hair care industries, including formulation, manufacturing, packaging and labeling, with product dosage forms in liquid, lotion, cream, gel, butter, balm and suspension. We work to make your life healthier and more enjoyable.


Hawaiian Bath & Body


One holiday season about 20 years ago, we received a basket with a home-brewed bottle of beer and handcrafted soaps. The beer was good but the soap...we haven’t used another type of soap since! We started making the soaps ourselves in our home in Pupukea, creating Hawaiian Bath & Body® all natural soaps. It has always been our dream to create a soap with no harsh chemicals that is safe for our skin and safe for our environment.


A few years later, as all things soap were taking over our home, we moved to the Historic Waialua Sugar Mill and the North Shore Soap Factory was born...as was our daughter! It became even more apparent that natural, safe and gentle skincare was missing in the marketplace and Hawaiian Bath & Body® was there to fill the gap.


We started with the original 8 bars and today have over 30 different varieties of soaps, plus a complete skincare line. The basis for and the integrity of our Hawaiian Bath & Body® line has always been Kukui nut oil; it’s in everything we make.


Brydone Wholefoods


6km south of Oamaru you will find Brydone Wholefoods. Located in the old Totara Hall, this family business combines a lifelong love of the land and a passion for wholesome healthy food.                                                                 

Be tempted by seasonal certified organic, spray free and local fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts which are kept at optimal temperature in our large walk in chiller for freshness. The freezers and fridges are filled with local and organic meats including a wide range of dairy and also dairy free products.         


In addition to our extensive grocery lines, we also stock environmentally friendly household and healthcare products. Our skincare ranges include the beautiful Dr Hauschka, NZ Biogro certified Viola Organics, and the well renowned Weleda products which also features a baby range.           


You will find products that meet a wide range of dietary requirements and lifestyles including gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free,  as well as paleo and vegan lines. Our kitchen provides delicious homemade raw desserts, baking and savoury foods, and our Brydone baristas will tempt you with Underground Coffees. 


Come in store and see us, we would love to see you! Alternatively you can shop online and have your groceries home delivered!


Clean n Fresh


Clean n Fresh” is a private brand owned by Ocean Star Inc. Clean-n-Fresh, a contract manufacturer, offers private label & bespoke services in cosmetic & skin care, car air freshener, car detailing & wash and pet grooming & bathing.


Ocean Star Inc was founded in 2007. It is an enterprise specializing in daily chemicals & skin care products.


Our factory and automatic workshops are BSCI certified and all GMP certified and we have a modern international production-development department.


Ocean Star Factory passed FDA, ISO-9001, TUV SUD audit. Ocean Star also has its own sales team, Design team, R&D department, QC department. More than this, Ocean Star works with the five core factories to satisfied our customers. Ocean Star have more than 200 employees; Our team is toward the trend of younger, professional, and sophisticated development.


Ocean Star Inc has clear defined values at the core of its operations. They aim to provide higher quality goods at the most competitive prices. Since 2007, Ocean Star has been a dedicated partner in leading perfume and delivering quality fragrance chemical products, personal and body care products to customers globally. They strive to achieve excellent levels of service, stock availability, and speedy delivery turnaround. Customer satisfaction, product innovation, and constant development are demanded throughout the business.


Start your business from here.


Let’s cooperate and mutually creating the future and the magnificence. The goal of Ocean star is “Discover Perfection, Honor Quality.”




There’s something to be said about using completely natural ingredients. It’s the feeling of nature, of health, of good-for-you and peace of mind. Knowing that everything is from the earth just feels right. That’s why these things are at the core of Rocky.


We set a high bar for our products. You might even say we’ve got really high standards. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to Our Natural Standard, using only high-quality natural ingredients that are safe for you and for the planet. This value is so important to us that we wanted to shout it from the rooftops because we truly believe: nature is all you need.




THE PERFUME FACTORY is an ambitious project, headed by Mohammed Rashid Al Matwi aiming to create and sell Made in Qatar perfumes locally and internationally. We produce a wide range of quality fragrances. The perfumes we make are thoughtfully designed with high attention to detail and uniqueness. The Perfume Factory offers an exceptional turnkey product experience to customers with passion to develop a brand, driven by entrepreneur spirit and thriving for success and high- quality standards. 


State Industrial Products


State Industrial Products brings you the chemical products needed to operate your business facility. State’s laboratories and ultra-high quality manufacturing bring you the products required to clean and sanitize, protect drains and sewers, enhance air space, produce clean dishware and support your maintenance, engineering and housekeeping teams. State’s field service is second to none, ensuring that every program in your facility is efficient, optimized and reliable.


About us 


JINGHUI is a private brand cosmetics manufacturer, created and manufactured in Italy to protect the world-recognized originality. We operate in 90 countries on 5 continents, helping beauty brands create their own skin care and hair care series.


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