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How to choose a Perfume that is right for you

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How to choose a Perfume that is right for you


Choosing aromatherapy products is often a tangled process of love and hate, especially when you find your favorite among a variety of scents, it is difficult to make a decision. Today I will talk about how to choose aromatherapy products.


Smell is one of the most important senses, and you can smell all kinds of odors anytime, anywhere, so you can't be sloppy. As long as you know how to give it character and depth, the surroundings can be vibrant too. Even the same house can create different interior areas with different aromatherapy.


The space where the aromatherapy is located.


Think about how aroma can affect your space. For example, a lighted candle may be suitable for some rooms where people move around a lot, but it is a potential hazard in a storage space full of clutter; the diffusion of fire-free incense can serve as a fragrant and The role of decoration, but it is a waste in the environment where the windows must be opened to dehumidify for a long time.


Sort out some key conditions and expected goals like: create a warm but no additional heat source, and then you can more quickly grasp the expected characteristics of the space that will be key choices for the next steps.


Learn about aromatherapy taste preferences.


The right scent has infinite transformative powers in space: evoke memories, change moods, think calmly.


So, here, we should understand the types of tastes that we and our families like so that our thoughts and actual needs can be aligned. We have tabulated eight common incense scents and their corresponding sensations. Whether you plan to list it or forward it to your family, it's easier to find ways to need scents:


●Floral: strong or fragrant, common are rose, lavender, jasmine, clove.


●Wood fragrance: rich in natural fragrance, the common ones are sandalwood, cedar, moss and patchouli.


●Light fruity aroma: bright and pleasant feeling, such as citrus, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot and so on.


●Sweet fruity aroma: fig, peach, raspberry and other fruit juices are rich in aroma.


●Fragrant: Fresh water is fresh, the common ones are marine fragrance and light apple fragrance.


●Natural fragrance: environmental fragrance that echoes with nature, including bay leaf, grass fragrance and bamboo fragrance.


●Spicy: Heart-warming and rich spice, common are cinnamon, pepper, ginger, garlic cloves.


●Sweetness goes straight into impressive sweetness like roasted aroma, vanilla and almond.


Aroma is a subjective element you can't imagine. Your taste may be different for everyone, so please spend more time on this step; the spaces mentioned here that must be chosen carefully are all common spaces, such as the living room where the family stays together. If the space you have alone naturally falls outside this limit, just because you like it doesn't mean everyone likes it.


Filter by aromatherapy type.


There are currently four types of aromatherapy available on the market, which can be selected according to personal preferences:


Scented Candles: Candles must be lit on a small fire to infuse a warm atmosphere into the space, the shape and size are constantly changing; it is best to remember that they should be placed in a safe place, otherwise they will cause damage to other furniture.


Fireless Diffuser: A diffuser bottle design that can sit and need no care for months to come, plus a variety of styles, is the most widely used type of diffuser.


Aromatic instruments: small wall-mounted aroma instruments, water oxygen machines, incense machines, these products are more and more, the incense is converted into smaller molecules through the physical action of the machine; only need frequent cleaning and maintenance, otherwise the machine will operate bad.


Aromatherapy spray: The method is the same as that of human perfume, and the aromatherapy is sprayed to the place where it is needed through the atomizer; however, the spray will not work without external pressure. Relatively inappropriate if fragrance is required frequently.


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