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How to Differentiate Body Lotion

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How to Differentiate Body Lotion


Body lotions are cosmetic lotions that are applied to the body after bathing. It has the functions of moisturizing, whitening and moisturizing the whole body. With the maturity and development of technology, body lotion can be subdivided into functions such as smoothing, sun protection, slimming, repairing, and body fragrance.


1. Distinguish from the texture of the lotion


Lotion-type body lotions: Lotion-type body lotions have the highest water content and relatively less oil content. Typically, the texture is thin, light, and even somewhat fluid.


Cream Body Lotion: Cream body lotions are a bit heavier in texture than lotion types and are creamy with a consistency between lotion and cream. Because the oil content is higher than the emulsified type, the freshness is greatly affected by the type of oil in the ingredients.


Cream Body Lotion: Cream body lotions are the thickest and have a high oil content, but they also tend to leave the skin feeling greasy and stuffy. More power and therefore more suitable for dry skin or dry conditions.


2. Distinguish from the role of body lotion


Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion: It is mainly based on deep moisturizing and hydrating of the whole body. While moisturizing the skin, it also deeply moisturizes the stratum corneum of the skin, and constantly replenishes the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin.


Whitening Body Lotion: A whitening body lotion can gradually fade sun spots and dark spots, avoid the precipitation of melanin, and make skin look brighter and more radiant. The skin's metabolic cycle is 28 days, so it usually takes 28 days for a normal whitening lotion to see results.


Chicken skin lotion: At present, most of the body lotions used to remove chicken skin on the market are fruit acid body lotions, which can soften keratin, thereby improving the state of chicken skin, and at the same time helping to smooth the skin and restore tenderness.


Firming Body Lotion: It can help eliminate cellulite and prevent sagging and aging of the skin. However, many firming body lotions are slightly lacking in moisturizing properties. A layer of moisturizing body lotion is recommended a few minutes after the firming body lotion to combat dryness.


Scented Body Lotions: Scented body lotions usually have a pleasant scent. The scented body lotion not only moisturizes the skin, but it also lasts longer without being too strong. It has become a summer fragrance for many girls, and they will be rubbed on when they go out on a date. Of course, since there are scented body lotions, there are also unscented body lotions. In contrast to scented body lotions, unscented body lotions are typically fresh and light in taste and are free of allergenic ingredients such as fragrances and fragrances. The ingredients are more natural and safer.


3. System difference from body lotion


There are basically four types of body lotions: anhydrous oil-based systems, W/O lotions, O/W lotions, and water-alcohol lotions. O/W lotions and hydroalcoholic lotions are more popular because consumers don't like the greasy feel.





how to use body lotion


The best time to use body lotion is when your body is 60% to 70% dry after bathing. Because just after taking a shower, the pores of the body are still open, which can better absorb the nutrients of the lotion and fully nourish the skin.


Body lotion should be used daily and spread evenly. If the skin is dry and peeling, it is too late to use it again. Because the absorption capacity of dry skin is much weaker than that of normal skin. After applying the body lotion, slowly use a towel to dry up any remaining water in your body and change into warm, soft clothes. Warming the body helps the skin absorb the body lotion.


Precautions for using body lotion


When using body lotion, it can be combined with the corresponding massage techniques to better nourish the skin. After applying the body lotion, open your palms and massage all parts of your body in circular motions to promote better skin. absorb nutrient.


Body lotions aren't just needed in winter. If you want your body to be soft, smooth and fair, you should apply body lotion all year round. If the weather is cold in winter, you can skip the massage step to prevent colds. In order to make the body's skin soft and smooth, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, and add moisture to the skin.


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