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Different types and characteristics of shower gel

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Different types and characteristics of shower gel


Body cleaning is a need to clean a large area, and at the same time, it also needs to generate foam during use. Therefore, body washes generally have good lathering properties.


In addition, the amount of sebum and sweat in the body is smaller than that of facial cleansing, but the apocrine glands that secrete body odor are distributed almost all over the body. Body wash is essentially a skin cleanser for use other than the face


The shower gel factory is a manufacturing facility that produces shower gels shampoos conditioners and other related products. The factory typically uses a variety of machines to produce these products including mixers reactors and fillers. The products produced by the factory are then shipped to retailers where they are sold to consumers.


According to the main surfactant, body washes are divided into the following three types:


1. Fatty acid salt system shower gel


Also known as the soap-based system, it is made by neutralizing fatty acids with alkali. It has the advantages of strong cleaning ability, dryness and rich foam. The pH is alkaline. Since the pH of the human body skin is acidic, use the soap-based system for bathing. Dew is irritating to the skin.


A shower gel supplier is a company that manufactures and supplies shower gel products. Shower gels are used by people to cleanse their bodies while showering. They usually come in bottles or containers and are dispensed onto a person's body using a pump or sprayer. Many different types of shower gels are available on the market containing different ingredients and fragrances. Some shower gels also contain exfoliating beads or other materials to help scrub the skin.


2. Synthetic surfactant system shower gel


It is mainly based on synthetic surfactants, such as amino acid system surfactant system shower gel, which has the advantages of low irritation, fine foam, and moisturizing after washing.


Shower gel is a product every household needs and wholesalers provide an important service by keeping shelves stocked with this necessary item. Shower gel wholesalers work with stores of all sizes to ensure that they have the products their customers need. Wholesalers typically sell shower gels in large quantities at a discounted price and they may also offer other types of products such as soap shampoo and conditioner. By working with a shower gel wholesaler store owners can keep their shelves stocked without breaking the bank.


3. Compound shower gel


The shower gel with fatty acid salts and synthetic surfactants combines the advantages of fatty acid salts' excellent cleaning power and rich foam, and also has the advantages of mild and low irritation of synthetic surfactants.


shower gel producer is a company that makes shower gel. Shower gel is a type of soap that is used to clean the body. It is usually sold in a bottle or container and is dispensed onto a washcloth or loofah. Shower gel is often used in place of bar soap because it is less drying to the skin.


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